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boozy cinnamon dolce Nog

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Before we get into the boozy stuff, let's talk about dairy free creamer...! If you have been following me for a bit, you obviously know I am vegan--hi, you're at a vegan recipe blog, nice to see ya! ;) But a big part of my journey to veganism was first going dairy free due to my lactose intolerance (which wasn't discovered until a bit later in life for me).

Aside from cheese and my daily greek yogurt snack, I was most nervous about giving up the creamer in my coffee each morning. I knew that having black coffee would disrupt my IBS too much and almond milk just wouldn't be the same.

And after much trial and error through different brands and techniques, I finally found the perfect solution for my creamy coffee needs (it's the little things, ya know).

nutpods almond + coconut coffee creamer is completely dairy free, vegan, gluten free, and quite honestly: guilt free. It's Whole30 approved, Keto friendly, and doesn't have any weird additives or loads of sugar.

After about a year of using nutpods in my coffee, tea, smoothies, oatmeal--and telling every soul that crossed my path about it--I was asked to become an ambassador for the company to help share the love for this amazing product and company. (Psst: you can save 15% and get FREE shipping using my code SKETCHANDBALANCE at checkout).

Guys, dreams do come true.

Okay, okay, let's get to the booze. Yes, I eventually married my love for nutpods with my enjoyment of adult beverages by making a vegan/dairy free version of an "eggnog." Even though I wasn't really into eggnog before going vegan anyway, I have been feeling festive and wanting something a bit cozier this holiday season. This cocktail concoction completely surprised me with how delicious it was considering how easy it is to throw together.

nutpods Cinnamon Swirl is my favorite flavor at the moment, and it complimented this drink so well. Not to mention, nutpods creamers are obviously creamier and thicker than typical nut milks, so they substitute the real thing very well! My favorite part? No curdling. You know what I'm talking about, you almond milk lover...

**Are you allergic to nuts? No problem! nutpods also has an awesome line of nut-free oat milk creamers that are just as creamy and delish!

BONUS: nutpods also has a Holiday Nog flavor out for a limited time. You could easily replace both creamer portions in this recipe with just the one Holiday Nog flavor!


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