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Dairy-Free Broccoli Cheddar Soup

When I create a new recipe, my gauge for how well it turns out is putting it through the husband test.

If Colin approves, I know I not only won over the meat-eater vote, but my fellow vegans will most likely fall in love, too.

This recipe was one of those moments.

It was also one of those recipes that I "whipped together" (aren't those people so annoying?! Me. That's me...) And sure enough, it was a hit and I didn't have a recipe to re-create it.

Ergo, this blog post: to document and remember this killer soup in which Colin sent me a message mid-lunch and exclaimed, "Is this a vegan cheddar broccoli soup?! It's sooooooo good, babe! Way to go!"

Swoon ;)

If I'm being totally honest, the trick to most of my savory vegan recipes is one secret ingredient: Nutritional Yeast.

That's my magic sauce and literally takes the mystery out of my methods!


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