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Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

So, funny story: 

The first time I tried to make a vegan recipe, I attempted to bake dairy-free chocolate chip cookies. Not sure why I started with this baking venture...probably because cookies are life and make everything better, so why not? 

Once I got to the part where you have to add an egg, I freaked out...because how does one bake cookies without eggs?!

Luckily, I did some Googling (as a Millennial would) to hopefully find a solution to my problem before the oven was done preheating. 

And sure enough, I learned what a “flax egg”was. Have you ever heard of such a thing?!

Apparently, you take 1 Tbsp ground flaxseed and mix it with 3 Tbsp waterand let it sit for 5 minutes. And voila! You have a vegan egg replacement for all your baking and battering needs!

Alright, enough about flax eggs. Here’s my FAVORITE vegan cookie recipe.



For more plant-based recipes like this (and my vegan Mac-N-Chz...) head over here to get yourself a copy of my new plant-based recipe book: Graze!

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