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[holiday leftovers] vegan bark

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Hey, you vegan, you. Sick of feeling left out on the holiday bark party? Got a lot of random ingredients laying around after all that [vegan] holiday baking? I got you.

I also felt a little left out as I saw these mouth watering holiday bark images floating through my social media over the holidays. And just because the holidays are over, it doesn't mean we can't have our holiday bark and eat it, too!

Looking through my pantry at the wide array of ingredients I have leftover from my own holiday cooking and baking, I tried to get a bit creative in throwing together a yummy holiday bark that I [unapologetically] ate all to myself. Colin doesn't love sweets, and it's a pandemic. I am :)

For this recipe, I used some leftover pretzel sticks, chopped pecans, and dried coconut pieces. I also got a little fancy with some vegan white chocolate to make it swirly and pretty.

Honestly, you can use whatever you want: dried cranberries, popcorn, vegan chocolate chips, leftover Christmas cookies, dried cereal...anything that sounds good to you + chocolate!


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