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simple lemony tabbouleh

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While I love me a good tabbouleh recipe, I often have a hard time preparing one of the main ingredients: the bulgur. Like many grains, I tend to over or under cook them...rarely do I get them just right.

Like, rice?! I can't cook it to save my life (unless I'm using my pressure cooker, then I'm golden). I can't tell you how much rice I've thrown out due to my lack of success in cooking it. And unfortunately enough, it's my husband's self-proclaimed "favorite food."

But this post isn't about rice. It's about a delicious (and super simple) lemony tabbouleh recipe that subs the traditional bulgur with quinoa (one grain/seed that I'm surprisingly pretty good at cooking correctly).

My favorite thing to pair this traditional Mediterranean recipe with is some vegan feta and simple vegan naan (recipes on these to come)!


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