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Meal prep isn't really my style anymore...I used to be really into it back in the day when I was working in an office, 9-5. I swore by how much more prepared I felt during the week and I totally believe it is a great practice if you're limited for time or tend to stare blankly at an open fridge when you're famished. But lately, I have been loving my new freedom to cook day-by-day based on which recipes I want to try or share here on the blog. And being that today is a Monday (which means it's the beginning of the week), this dish just settled in well for a week's worth of a filling and nutritious vegan breakfast.

The funny thing is: I often get asked if being on a vegan diet requires more time. While making your own cheese or faux-chicken cutlets do take some extra TLC (two foods I do not make very often anyway), this recipe seems to be much quicker than it's non-vegan counterpart. I mean, cracking a dozen eggs takes at least 3 seconds per egg (aside from picking out the tiny bits of shell you accidentally get in the bowl), and this tofu crumble probably took 3 seconds total. But I digress my vegan arguments... ;-)

This dish was super easy, super quick, and holy heck: super FILLING. I had one serving (which is like 2 of the plates you see pictured here) and I was full for at lest 4 hours. Give it a go and let me know what you think!


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