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Okay, so you MUST have seen the viral tomato feta pasta floating around the Internet by now...right?! I mean, it's everywhere! And it's taunting us dairy-free eaters to the full extent! The creamy roasted goodness in all of these recipe videos is just mouth watering. So I knew I had to figure out a way to veganize this dish...and then some!

I know a few other recipe creators also found some great vegan hacks for this recipe: using store-bought vegan cheese, making your own tofu feta, etc. But I knew I wanted to not only make my own feta cheese but also try this recipe oil free and add in some extra veggies!

So that's exactly what I did! I created my favorite vegan feta "cheese" from some tofu, cashews, and some specific spices and then substituted the olive oil in the pasta with vegetable broth--it worked like a charm! Oh, and pro tip: when you're makinig your own vegan feta "cheese," save the tofu container to store the blended cheese mixture helps it solidify back into a block so you can easily dump it into the center of your dish for baking!


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