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Tuscan Tomato Roasted Veggies

The constant struggle of someone who *wants* to love veggies but just doesn’t know how to prepare them in new, exciting ways can be one of the biggest reasons we don’t eat enough plants.

As a plant lover myself, I have also struggled with this problem more times than I’d like to admit (I mean, just because I share recipes on this blog and wrote an entire plant-based recipe book does not mean I have all of my veggie-loving crap together, ya feel me?)

So as I started to meal prep one day, I realized I wasn’t eating all of the veggies I had worked so hard to cook, roast, and sauté. But, why?

Well, it dawned on me that I kept making the same things week after week, which worked for a while…until it didn’t.

I got bored with the same roasted vegetable medley and was ready for some new, exciting stuff to be prepped in my fridge so I could fill my lunches with some optimism.

Yes, I am way too dramatic when it comes to food, especially vegetables. You’re not the first one to realize this ;)

That all said, I came up with this delicious Tuscan Tomato Roasted Veggies recipe that I’ve been craving ever since. Enjoy :)


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