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"You're vegan? How do you not each cHeEse?!?!"...the one question I get asked so often. And while there are so many great vegan cheese options out there at the grocery store, there's something about making this vegan feta that just blows my mind.

Probably because it's made from tofu, for starters. But also because it's super clean (not processed) and you can alter the flavor as much as you'd like. If you don't love a sharp cheese, you can reduce the vinegar and lemon juice. If the "stinkier, the better" is your cheese Moto, then add some extra vinegar and nutritional yeast!

Marinating tofu in a mixture like this helps it soften and breakdown a little overnight, leaving you with a creamy, tart, and perfectly acidic "cheese" for your salads, Tomato Feta Pastas, or just eating straight out of the container ;)


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