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Vegan Holiday Rice Crispy Treats

'Tis the season to be vegan!

Well, maybe. Truthfully: it's often the opposite. This time of year presents us with so many treats that it can be hard to find a vegan option at the holiday dinner table.

Maybe you're a well-seasoned vegan who has already figured out how to bring your own vegan-friendly food without any issue. That's great!

But maybe you're new to this lifestyle and are spinning with stress on what you will eat with your non-vegan family and friends. 

Have no fear, friend! Between this crowd-pleasing Holiday Rice Crispy Treat recipe and my 40+ favorite recipes in my fully vegan cookbook, Graze, you are bound to find something that you can not only eat yourself, but share with your loved ones!

And I promise you: they will be begging you for the recipe, vegan or not.


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