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I have never made "real" lasagna up until this recipe. I mean, yes, this one is still vegan. But it has actual lasagna noodles, so it counts! I have always been kind of nervous to dabble into baked pasta like this because I never understood how long to pre-cook the noddles for. I know there are probably huge debates about this, but boiling these lasagna noodles for 9 minutes before baking the full dish for 30 worked out PERFECTLY.

I have mastered the Spaghetti Squash Lasagna at this point (enough to feature it in my plant-based recipe book, Graze). But the fact that I did this all backwards is not a surprise to me: figuring out the weird version of a traditional recipe before just doing the basic on first? Shocker.

Anyway, I am just here to tell you that you also don't have to be afraid of veganizing such a traditional Italian dish, especially when you have this super simple (and delicious!!) recipe in your back pocket. Dig in!


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