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Did I just hack the vegan bagel game? I THINK I DID! As you know, I love my air fryer (hi, I'm a Millennial. Of course I do). And knowing that some bagels often have egg in them, I wanted to see how I could make a simple *vegan* bagel with minimal ingredients and, ya know, my air fryer ;)

Shockingly, there wasn't much trial-and-error that went into this recipe. Rather, I just took my 4 Ingredient Garlic Naan recipe and kind of turned it into a bagel! Obviously this recipe is "baked" rather than pan fried, but a lot of the methods are the same.

This recipe is flavored with Everything Bagel seasoning, but go on with your bad self and do whatever you want with these! See some flavor options in the recipe notes below!


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