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Why It's Okay To Give Yourself Credit

My therapist told me to give myself more credit.

So I recently asked myself: am I finding happiness in life because I am lucky to have some good things happening to me? Or have I actually been giving myself permission to let good things flow into my life?

Honestly, I think it's the latter. Furrr sureeee. Look, life has been a freaking roller coaster lately. And I hate the saying "it could be worse" because I feel like that forces us to look at a glass half full...and sometimes you need a few minutes (or days or weeks) to have that pity party that the world doesn't want you to have.

But secondly: I am giving myself ALL the credit for the growth I am gaining through all of these experiences. Because me 6 months ago would have said, "Hey, babe. I realize you have some good things going for you but you probably don't deserve them and you will most likely F them all up."

So yeah, I am PROUD of my damn self for stepping up to the plate, letting good things flow and learning from the bad, and being okay with finding the HELP I needed to achieve some goals.⠀ Can you relate? Do you tend to self-sabotage and tell yourself you’re not doing enough?⠀

For the ladies like me, (so, basically all of you...): I've created this free PDF for you to make a visual reminder for yourself of what you are proud of. The big things, the little things, the crap you think doesn't matter (but deep down in your heart it matters to YOU). All of it...write it down and post it somewhere for you to remember how badass you truly are.

Let's start a movement: something to inspire other women to remind themselves of just how wonderful they are as well. When you fill out your reminder sheet, share it on social media with the hashtag: #ProudOfMyDamnSelf and join me in setting this "I'm not good enough" mumbo jumbo on fire. K?

My two proud bullet points that I jotted down on my sheet:

  • I am stronger than I was a year ago -- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • I've defined my own standards of success and chase them daily.

Download your free PDF reminder sheet here!

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